Heart Science International School
Heart Science Inter. School
Legal Assistance and Knowledge for Unschooled Students


Our main core pinciples are based on Pedagooogia 3000 (P3000) which is a world-wide invitation and synergy to co-create together, together with an Education with Conscience.

An integral, enjoyable, loving, multicultural, peaceful and respectful education that meets the real needs of today's and tomorrow's children of our Planet Earth.

P3000 is an educational, social, scientific and informative movement that opens up spaces for dialogue, training and experimentation.

7 Petals School
As a 7 Petals School we covered seven areas of free man/woman development. Each of these areas is implemented according to the resources of each place and each team.

Areas described as: Physical (body and movement); Cognitive (articulate contextualized); Emotional (social and multicultural); Esthetics (beauty, arts and bioarchitecture); Ecological (nature sciences and biodivercity); Productive (self-sustainability and entrepreneurship); Spiritual (personal development). Interacting all without boundries.


How we work?
Our Heart Science International School works by its basic values, by its fundamentals of action: the child is always the protagonist, learning is active and fun, the relationship is close and loving and the contact is respectful allowing the full development of each being and their autonomy.

Education takes place in a process of accompaniment, containment and permission where the child discovers and discovers him/herself developing to the full, with other children and adults help, without age limits.


The non-presential teaching programme, in our campus, allows students and their families to live in freedom and flexibility. Various support systems are available, but at the end of the day, the student is responsible for his/her individual progress and development.


To receive our title degree, the student follows a program that respects his learning paces, natural talents and graduation requirements of the educational facilitator, having into account the full needs, skills and potentials of the student in his process for fullfillment.


Heart Science International School is accredited by the Baronial Independent Republic REML® by the resolution of 21 January 2000 of the Ministry of State Member of the European Community, certifying document No. B-36590. It is a member of the Union of Nations REML.

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