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Kambo Medicine Consultation
I offer 30 minute consultations on what Kambo is and if it's for you.

What is Kambô?

Kambô is a "natural medicine" or "tribal medicine" from the Amazon Rainforest. It  is a secretion from the skin of the Giant Green Monkey Tree Frog. The secretion is not a venom or poison. It alone is not capable of causing illness or harm. Instead it's a cocktail of various peptides that your human body recognizes as familiar. These peptides interact and respond as if your human body had created them. Kambô is neither psychoactive nor psychedelic. 

The positive effects you feel are that you’ve been completely reset to a state of normality. It’s similar to the effects of a long-term food cleanse, or juice fast, or a runner’s high, and you feel this effect in a matter of hours.

I've been serving Kambô for about 10 years and have been certified as a Kambô Practitioner by the International Association of Kambo Practitioners (IAKP.org) and traveled to the Amazon to learn the different healing techniques of the indigenous people. Please contact me if you’d like to experience this wonderful magical cleanse

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