Sound - Porrumentzio
Sound editing: music, talks, audiobooks, voice-overs...

Do you want to listen to your music edited, well-mixed and mastered? Do you want me to edit your talks, audiobooks, voice-overs, etc.?

I've been working on it for years, and I've already produced and mixed various music-albums. After studying for sound technician, I also have work experience in the area.

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  1. Me gustaría intercambiar 100% en junas, puzzles en buen estado.
    Euskadi Vitoria-Gasteiz
  2. pues eso lo dicho necesito un dentista...
    vivo en pamplona. Lo sigo para que sea accesible para acudir a la cita.
    Navarra Euskadi
  3. Busco el llibre "Et vaig donar ulls i vas mirar les tenebres de la Irene Solà".
    Barcelona Guinardó
  4. Busco una quarta corda (D) per la meva guitarra acústica. O també em podria interessar el joc sencer.

    També busco un joc de clavilles noves perquè en tinc un parell de trencades.
    Maresme Barcelonès Barcelona Vallès Catalunya
  5. Jose Manuel Ramirez. His interest in the human being comes from an early age, from primary school and in photography from a course he took in the early 1980s. Photography as a form of expression is given by his interest in the human being and his individual freedom, who is a member of a collective.

    He attends the University of Seville, Spain, a career called Geography and History, which had a specialty in Cultural Anthropology. Finished the race, 1991, he joins a regional newspaper, "El Correo de Andalucía", as a photographer.

    In his city, Seville, an important cultural event takes place, Expo 92, which brings together the different visions of the world. This allows you to do several things, in a reduced space and time: to see and learn about different worldviews, to work, to be accredited, and to have an income. The Expo is not good financially and decides to repeat in several universal events: Olympics 1996 (Cultural) in Atlanta (USA), the Lisbon Expo (Portugal) 1998, Hannover 2000 (Germany), Aichi 2005 (Japan), Chiang Mai (Thailand) 2006, Shanghai 2010 (China).

    He has been a member of juries of different photographic competitions, including international ones. He curiously he has not participated in many as a contestant, one or two. He has been a contributor to different media such as El País (newspaper), Bild Zeitung (newspaper), Focus (magazine), La Mirada (magazine), graphic news agencies EFE, Staff, Europa press, IPA Press and NGOs (Greenpeace, Red Cross , Unicef Spain, UNESCO). He has traveled the world, Morocco, Libya, Mexico, India, and has lived in several countries USA, Portugal, Germany, China and Japan. He has made different individual and collective exhibitions. He has been correspondent director of an agency in China, IPA Press, he has traveled through this country. He has held different exhibitions, "Babel_India" (Seville 1995), "Photographers of Backdrop Gallery" (Atlanta 1996) "Journey to the South" (Beijing 2008), "China, face to face" Seville, 2012, "Jondo" Tokyo 2018, "Jondo, Samurai" Seville, 2018, "Mercaderes" Seville 2018, "Mercaderes II" Seville 2018. In the 2020-21 academic year, "Forma_Color", "5SF" (Five Smart Flowers) is preparing the next exhibition in 2022.

    All this has allowed him to have personal and collective relationships and a different world view. He has been working as a professional photographer for more than thirty years. Traveling the world and living in different countries. With a degree in Cultural Anthropology, his photography is the product of his social concerns, both as a photographer and as an anthropologist.
    Tokio Osaka
  6. Classes de vela, zona Maresme,
    Ja he fet classes d.estela.
    El Masnou Caldes de estrach Barcelona
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